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Ski touring has become a must in all things a skier must have tried to explore all facets of the practice. It offers you new possibilities to discover unknown spaces, far from the slopes but not necessarily. Skiers for several years, we liked this approach to the mountains, but it was meeting Clément that transformed our vision of ski touring.

This UFO, High Mountain Guide, pharmacist in his spare time breaks the codes of the conventional guide and sees the mountain as an immense playground where the virgin spaces must be surveyed, if possible, in large curves and at full speed. During our outings in the mountains with Clément, the smile never leaves us because we are always certain that the moment shared will be perfect, that the feeling of security will never leave us and that the sensations will be there.

Let's leave the stereotypical image of hiking. It is indeed possible to dress very lightly, to put on matches and aim for the chrono while running uphill, ski mountaineering is one of the very elitist components of the practice.
The hike seen by Clément opens up to each of you as soon as you are technically able to manage the descent off-piste. Use the ski lifts to optimize your Freerando outing near the area or go far from the slopes on the north faces of the Champsaur, your guide knows every square meter of his playground.

It is with the modern vision of this ambassador that we refine our choice of equipment. If we are calm to see you leave with Clément, it is essential that he is also sure that your equipment is safe to go in the mountains. Over the seasons, we have taken a very assertive turn to offer you an extremely wide range of touring skis and splitboards. A very recent park of 35 pairs in all widths and all lengths awaits you for rental.

In short, rent your skis and go with Clément according to your desires or rent "Clément" with your own equipment, the most important thing is the shared moment.

Do you still doubt? The Skipass professionals talk about it for us:

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