Entrust our team with the maintenance of your personal equipment (ski or snowboard).

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This article is for customers' personal equipment. The maintenance of the rental equipment is included in the service and carried out after each outing.

Our services are compatible for ski and snowboard equipment.

Waxing: €7

Waxing consists of maintaining the soles of your skis, the aim being to minimize friction to improve glide. Initially stored in solid format at room temperature, the wax must be heated (and becomes liquid) in order to be applied to the ski. On contact with the sole, it slowly soaks in while cooling. It is said to "nourish" the sole and thus prevent it from losing its initial gliding properties. It is therefore essential to carry out the operation regularly so as not to find yourself literally "stuck" on the list... (especially in the presence of fresh snow). In addition, the wax protects the edges against oxidation, so this maintenance is strongly recommended before storing your equipment at the end of the season.

Sharpening: €7

Sharpening allows you to sharpen the metal parts located under the skis. The objective is to increase the grip of the ski on the snow. To do this, a file is guided along the ski using a square. The smaller the angle of this bracket, the more effective the grip on the snow will be. On the other hand, the level of the skier is to be taken into account. Indeed, sharpening with an 87° angle will be less tolerant than with a 90° angle and will require better physical condition...

For non-competition use, it is recommended to sharpen your edges at 90°. The life of a sharpening depends on the quality of the snow. For example on icy snow, plan one sharpening per week on average.

Note that contrary to popular belief, a pair of sharp skis increases your feeling of safety on the skis in the sense that you will better control your trajectory on hard snow and/or ice.

Waxing + sharpening formula: €13

As this maintenance operation usually takes place simultaneously, we offer a waxing / sharpening pack for 13€.

This work is carried out in the evening for drying reasons. We therefore ask you to bring it to the store in the evening in order to pick it up the next morning.

Repair / Adjustment / Assembly

Our team carries out various interventions on your equipment:

  • - Filling the soles
  • - Adjusting shoes / bindings
  • - Safety hardness adjustment
  • - Front/rear boot centering adjustment
  • - Mounting bindings on your skis

Do not hesitate to come and see us with your equipment to have the work estimated.

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