Ski Center presents its new Reichmann DTS-U PRO sharpener

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Our new acquisition this year 2021 is a 4-SIDED CERAMIC sharpener / RUBBER DISCHARGER / for skis and snowboards.

The Reichmann DTS-U PRO has HQT technology which makes it possible to obtain four perfect edges in less than 30 seconds: For your personal equipment, it is better responsiveness when snow conditions require perfectly maintained equipment. For rental equipment, it is the assurance of a fleet maintained very regularly and with a top-of-the-range finish, regardless of the level of range chosen.

The result is impeccable in a single operation. The key is also reduced wear and tear on your equipment compared to sharpening by hand.

All skis and snowboards are compatible, parabolic or not, with or without rocker.

The service is carried out on spontaneous presentation in store, no prior reservation necessary.
On the other hand, avoid peak periods such as arrival/departure days (Friday evening, Saturday and Sunday morning), especially during school holidays.

Price list :
Ceramic ski sharpening: 15€
Ceramic snowboard sharpening: 15€
Ski waxing: 9€
Snowboard waxing: 14€
Ceramic sharpening + ski iron waxing: 20€
Ceramic sharpening + snowboard iron waxing: 25€

Sharpening equipment maintenance Ski Center Orcières
Sharpening equipment maintenance Ski Center Orcières

Learn more about the DTS-U-PRO : /maschinen/kantenbearbeitung/dts-u-pro

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