Ski Center the largest choice of glasses on the station and the biggest brands of sport.

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Oakley is a look of course! The flagship sports brand known for its original but always comfortable frames also offers a whole range of classic or timeless models. More than 60 models of men's and women's glasses in stock
Ski goggles more than 20 goggles and low prices from 99 €.

All Julbo models have glasses equipped with Zebra, Chameleon or Octopus lenses. But also photochemical masks.

The photochromic Zebra lens, which darkens or lightens depending on the light category 1 to 3, allows the glasses to be used in variable weather. The anti-fog treatment is very effective.

The Chameleon lens provides category 2 to 4 protection, but it is also a polarizing lens that eliminates reverberation from the ground, especially on snow or water. In addition, an anti-fog treatment ensures maximum comfort.

The Octopus lens is photochromic, it darkens from category 3 to category 4, it is polarizing, it suppresses reverberation due to water or snow but it is also hydrophobic. Thanks to the treatment of the glass, water slides on it and ensures better visibility.

Finally even more original: the Wood Fellas glasses, in Wayfarer style wood. A trendy, nature-friendly design with comfortable frames equipped with flexible temples for more comfort. Very nice items and German manufacture. Class!

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