Finally, real top-of-the-range skis/snowboards available for hire in Orcières.

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Finally, real top-of-the-range skis/snowboards available for hire in Orcières. We should rather say on trial because in this case we are far, very far from what is practiced in rental.

Skiing Range

These are not SMUs, "Special Make Ups", intended by the manufacturers for rental, which recall the design of the real ones but... which do not have the characteristics! Indeed, the sale price of the ski models concerned by this Luxury pack is around 1200€.

In this case, they are real Luxe skis from the All Mountain ski range.
We have selected for you: Kastle CPM, Vokl Code Werks

These are high-end skis, aimed at good and very good skiers. These are not competition skis, too specific, which require not only a large technical background but also the physique that goes with it. Very pleasant in all snow conditions including variable conditions or when changing terrain on piste or off-piste.

The KASTLE CPM ski behind a sober design hides an exclusive ski.
We could describe in detail the technical characteristics of the cap-titanal sandwich, the 0.25 mm carbon fiber, the double titanal plate, the wood core of course, etc. etc but better than a long speech, this high-performance ski reveals comfort and accessibility rarely achieved.

The ski VOKL CODE WERKS here again an exceptional technical description, carbon, titanal lighter core to which is added a UVO anti-vibration, a double camber in tip and tail for more ease. Nothing is missing for this playful and precise ski. So it's up to you: That's all there is to it!

For women, the ski ELAN DELIGHT SWAROVSKI... which lives up to its name. A little gem!
Manufacturer Elan has teamed up with jeweler Swarovski to create the lightest ski, a sublime ski.
A Slim Shape Design construction for track behavior. Here again, great sobriety except for a few crystals... in short, nothing is too good for this "Limited Edition" where style and performance are not forgotten.

You will certainly be the envy of connoisseurs but above all you will enjoy yourself.

These are of course perfectly prepared skis, waxed sharp, ready to offer you the best sensations.
It is not possible to rent these skis on the Internet but will be available to you at the store according to availability.

Snowboard Range

Try and try yourself with our Luxury range boards

In the FREERIDE AllMountain range, it's up to you to ride the Jones Flagship
improved from year to year, both efficient and easy.
Balanced, the board is good everywhere, on any type of terrain.

Still in the same FREERIDE AllMountain range, you may prefer the Jones Hovercraft. A truly all-terrain board, versatile, handy in powder of course with its raised tips. It remains stable when the snow becomes crusty or on the piste.

In the AllMountain range the Jones Mountain Twin
An all-terrain board that retains a certain rigidity for good freeride grip.
Something to delight good freeriders. To savor!

Finally, although classified as a Freestyle Park, the RIDE HELIX
Recognizable among all, this asymmetrical snowpark twin is in fact a balanced board, with a reasonable flex.
Without giving into the all soft, we recognize a certain ease. Good park riders but also carvers will appreciate its medium flex. In short, a park board that grips. If you're wondering what such a machine can be used for, don't feel obliged to imitate Yuki Kadono who landed the very first back-to-back 1620!!!

See you soon!
The Ski Center team

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