If you are looking for a sliding activity to have fun with friends, try the Yooner!!!

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Looking for new sensations? Want to rave with friends? Rediscover the ski area in Yooner!

The activity consists of sliding on the slopes of the ski area using an exotically designed sledge. This consists of a seat fixed on a miniski, with an integrated shock absorber to reduce vibrations and jolts. The handle allows you to tilt to one side or the other to direct the machine as you wish.

A toboggan is approved for a single person (from 12 years old).

We currently have 5 Yooner (Enduro Models) available for daily rental.

Price: €9/day with the possibility of booking online (see accessories section).
Plan a ski lift pass because it is not included in the rental.

The authorized slopes on Orcières are the Bergerie chairlift and the Drouvet 1 telemix.

Discover the Yooner on the manufacturer's website: https://www.

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